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Pallars Fer



Day 1. Arrival to Llavorsí

Check-in at accommodation. Walk around Llavorsí and optional visit to the Casa del Parc Natural (Natural Park House).


Day 2. Trails with history. From Llavorsí to Burg

We begin the route on a pretty trail close to the river that gives access to the Coma de Burg valley. We'll pass through the villages of Tirvia, Glorieta, Alendo, Farrera and Burg; small mountain villages where we can enjoy the tranquility of authentic Pallars.

Day 3. The iron forest. From Burg to Alins

In the second leg of our journey, we'll enter into the Virós forest, where the trees explain us about the history of the valley, its villages and people over the last few centuries.

Walking through the forest is enjoyable owing to the wide variety of trees: pines, firs, birches and beeches... until arriving to the shepherd's huts of Virós, the point at which we'll descend into Farrera valley and to the village of Alins.


Optional: Visit the iron museum Casa Sintet (Alins).


Day 4. enchanted meadow. From Alins to the Esterri de Cardós.

This part of the journey is filled with contrasts that climb the d'Eixerto valley on a beautiful livestock trail. From this valley, we cross to the valley of Cardós via the Pla de Nequa, a magical alpine meadow from where we can contemplate the mountains and valleys of Pallars. Then, from this point we descend into the forest of Mata d'Esterri until coming to the small village of Esterri de Cardós.

Day 5. The valley of the cardos. From Esterri de Cardós to Estaon.

We begin this leg of the trip by walking up to the village of Ginestarre, whereby following a panoramic trail, until arriving to the valley of Cardós. Here, we re-trace the Noguera de Cardós along a trail that flattens out near the river between herd-filled meadows and riverbank forests, passing through the villages of Lladrós, Benante and Ainet de Cardós.

From Ainet, we ascend again into the solitary valley of Estaon to the village of Estaon which is seated quaintly atop the valley.


Optional: A guided visit to the artisan textile-production workshop in Ginestarre

Day 6. The heartbeat of Pallars. From Estaon to Guingueta d'Àneu

The last section of the route follows the mythical Gran Recorrido trail which crosses the whole Pyrenean mountain range (GR11).

We exit the village on a trail that ascends the valley to the pass Clot de la Calba, a hideaway that offers an incredible view of the mountains in the Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici.

From here, the route begins its last great descent through a beautiful forest that leads to Guingueta d'Àneu.


Day 7. Send-off
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